For the confirmation of excursions or any other services, we need that you make the payment in our Italian bank account, Click here to check out the bank details

Once we receive the payment, we will let you know by email and from that moment your tour or services will be 100% confirmed and guaranteed.

We have established our bank account in Italy with the aim to facilitate to all those who contact us from any latitude, make easily the payment corresponding to their reservations. So far, the banking structure in Cuba cannot give us that possibility, that is why we were force to look for some alternatives and we ask apologize for the inconvenience this situation may cause.

These methods of payment offer to our customers the possibility of guaranteeing their bookings 100%, in turn, it protects us in some way from the non-presentations, unfortunately, some clients occupy the availability and never arrive at the time of the excursion and sadly, we denied our availability to other clients who surely want to join in our activities. We just want to protect the security and the availability for clients and ourselves.


Due the US financial embargo against Cuba would be necessary not mention Cuba or anything related with it in the Transfer Description and don’t make any transfer or deposit in US Dollars due that the US government apply big sanctions to those banks doing money transfers that benefits economically to Cuba.

This bank payment gives you the possibility to confirm 100% our availability, without confirm the payment, we cannot confirm space or availability in our tours since our capacity is limited due that we arrange small groups.

For any further information you can get in contact with us and we will be pleased to offer you all the necessary information and assistance.

Thank you very much.